2017 CIRP Freshman Survey

Georgia Tech has participated in the national research study of higher education conducted by the American Council on Education and the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles for over fifty years.  One major goal of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program’s (CIRP) research is to determine what happens to students when they attend college.  These studies are designed to help improve the quality of college education and thus may benefit future generations of college students.

Results of this research study will also be directly beneficial to Georgia Tech since we receive complete tabulations of our responses plus summaries of responses of students in similar institutions and nationwide.  The Georgia Tech offices of Assessment, Student Life, and various academic units use the results from this survey for planning and evaluation purposes.  The results are mainly used to enable us to create a better learning environment so that students can adjust to college more quickly, improve their study habits, learn more, and have a better chance to graduate.

For 2017, the CIRP will be administered online. Participants can log in here: http://surveys.assessment.gatech.edu/cirp2017


About the CIRP Freshman Survey

(From https://heri.ucla.edu/cirp-freshman-survey/)

The CIRP Freshman Survey is designed for administration to incoming first-year students before they start classes at your institution. The instrument collects extensive information that allows for a snapshot of what your incoming students are like before they experience college. Key sections of the survey examine:

  • Established behaviors in high school
  • Academic preparedness
  • Admissions decisions
  • Expectations of college
  • Interactions with peers and faculty
  • Student values and goals
  • Student demographic characteristics
  • Concerns about financing college


Schools participating in the CIRP Freshman Survey receive an institutional profile, which includes your institutional results broken out by sex, full and part-time status, comparisons with other similar institutions, significance testing, effect sizes, CIRP Constructs and Theme reports, a data file of your student responses, a PowerPoint presentation, a Graduation Rate Calculator; and a monograph summarizing the national results.


Additional Information

2017 CIRP Freshman Survey (Participants only, login required)

2017 Survey Example

2016 Freshmen Results: Political and Engaged

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